Q.Can I attach the magnetic system to the bulk head in my van?

A. In some cases yes, you need to check to see if the bulk head is magnetic as some are made of steel and some are made of zinc.


Q.Will the magnetic shelves fall off when I go round a corner?

A. No, providing you dont overload them, the magnets are strong industrial magnets, not like your fridge magnets at home, they have been calcutated by an automotive engineer so they take into account the G forces when cornering and breaking.


Q. How much weight can I put in the storage bin?

A. If your using the storage bins that screw to wood, then we advise you not to go over 10kg, If your using the magnetic bins on the side of a van, then we advise up to 6kg in transit. Factors affecting this limit are the thickness of the steel its attached too. The thicker the steel, up to 10mm the greater the pull force. Most van skins are about 1.5mm thick or more so we advise no more than 7kg.


Q. What are the storage bins made of?

A. High Density Polypropylene, very strong and very durable.


Q. How many magnetic chocks do I need to mount a storage bin?

A. Just one pair


Q. Can the magnetic chocks be used outside 

A The magnetic chocks are not designed to endure the wet for long periods of time as the magnets, although rubber coated, may become damp and start to rust. If they do accidently get wet, dry them as soon as possible, dont leave them damp.


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