Magrak System - Single

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Magrak System for installation to steel

If you are connecting to wood, you simply require the storage bin.(please reselect your product)

Space required 600mmWx250mmHx250mmD

Holds up to 6Kg in transit on 1mm steel sheet, Other factors affect this estimate, the thicker the steel the stronger the bond.

1 x Bin

1 x Pair of Chocks


Its tough and durable, its made from High Density Polyethylene

Its big, its dimensions are 600x250x250mm

It sits upright, due to its design it sits at 90 degrees to the substrate

Its lighter than wood or steel shelving.

It will hold upwards of 7kg depending on thickness of steel, the thicker the steel, the greater the pull.

Low impact, its 250mm deep so it doesn't protrude into usable space.

Its ideal for anywhere where you need storage, in vans, store rooms, steel containers, shop floor machinery.

Its easy to install, usually in under a minute, and move it just as quickly.

Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: 650 mm × 250 mm × 250 mm

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