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Welcome to the new Magrak Web Site, we hope you will enjoy the new layout.

For two years we have struggled with our old site, we couldn’t add new pages, we couldn’t adjust the layout, adding photos and then placing them where needed was a nightmare. We needed a site that could be managed by “normal “people, with average IT skills. A site we could expand without,,,well,,, being told no, you can’t have that! A site where we could take photos on our phones and have them live on any page within minutes, edit text in seconds, add links and best of all, add new pages to the menu bar if Read More...

Quick and easy to install, either screw to wood or clamp onto steel.

If you're clamping to steel, you don’t need any screws, glue or nails.

Usual install time from box to steel, around 60 seconds.

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