About Magrak

Magrak believes that time is money, we want to create products that save you time as we all have busy lives. Magrak is a UK company, its founder Jason Bishop can be contacted using the contact form and will normally reply the same day.

The Magrak storage bin allows you to build shelves in minutes, their lighter than wood or steel, quicker to install, you just need a flat surface that you can screw too. Adjust spacing to suit your needs and if you get it wrong, simply unscrew and rearrange, what could be simpler? The storage bins are tough, made out of High Density Polyethylene, so should last you a lifetime.

The Magrak storage bin with magnetic chocks, we wanted a system that attached to steel without damaging the steel underneath. Again, it can be installed by anyone, in minutes, removed just as quickly and re installed again and again. The Magnetic chocks will hold up to 7kg in transit.


Vans will fit into any van with a steel shell, its universal. It utilizes the upper part of the vehicle not normally used, so you can get the bigger heavier items in below.  If you need to remove the contents for any reason, simply pop off and put them back in when needed.

Shop floor machinery improve health and safety in the work place by keeping the shop floor clear of trip hazards, no need to worry about damaging the machinery as the magnets are rubber coated.

Industrial kitchens, areas above sinks or work areas are often stainless steel, the magnetic storage bins can be attached effortlessly, allowing valuable storage close to hand, no need to worry about dirt collecting as they can be removed easily for cleaning. No need for a tradesman, anyone can install these bins.

Steel containers, no need to drill holes, depending on the thickness of the steel the magnetic chocks will hold up to 10kg. the thicker the steel the stronger the hold.

Wind turbines limited for space and storage. Magrak magnetic storage bins are the solution.

The Magrak Skyhook, developed originally for surfers, but now used by campers, car owners and mud runners who need to keep clothes or wet suits off the floor, the Skyhook is felt backed to keep the paint work scratch free.

Magrak - keep it simple!


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