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Its always nice when a company comes back for more!

Electraspec Ltd make control panels, last year they placed a large order for the magnetic storage bins. These were to be used on their production line, all the control panels require many individual parts coming from different suppliers. The bins where used to help organise the individual projects.

The magnetic bins were attached to the empty housing of the control panels, and as the parts came in each part would be allocated to the individual project ready for installation. This allowed system drawings, component lists and stock for each panel to be kept in one place, if the panel moved to another part of the factory, then the Magrak went with it along with the relevant paperwork and components.

Due to rising demand for Electraspecs expertise, they required more magnetic storage bins, the bins now start their life in the office as the sides of the office are also made of thin steel. This meant that now, as the projects were designed, the drawings would be placed in the individual bins and when ready would be taken from the office wall, and onto the production line. From there the bins would follow the project through to completion, and then back to the office for the next project.

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