Magnetic Work light

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Magnetic LED 36 Watt Work light.

This is the WOW LED 36 work light, we have tested a number of work lights but the WOWLED36 was the best.

The magnetic base is truly impressive and gives the best grip of the lot, other work lights fell off during transit but this one held fast even on the thinnest of steel and the bumpiest of potholes.

The brightness of this work light is second to none, allowing you to see your work area clearly. It really is like having a flood light in the back of the van!

The other quality of this work light is the build, its surprisingly heavy and strong making it robust and reliable.

Waterproof IP67

Although we have taken photos of it out side the Van, we do not recommend using it in transit on the outside.

The product comes with a flexible power cable, allows an easy 2 mtr stretch, plugs into your vehicle 12V power supply and can be independently switched.

This product comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.


Weight: 1 kg

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