Ford Transit Test Install

Our first install went better than I could have imagined.

It was always my aim to provide a universal system that would utilize the higher parts of the van which are sometimes overlooked, while leaving the lower parts and base for bigger heavier items. My second aim was to make storage quick, if the van is out of action then you’re not earning money.

We exhibited at the build show in November and Mark from Two Counties Construction came forward, explained that his van was already ply lined and was there anything we could do to provide him with storage using Magrak products. Not a problem, we listened to his needs and installed this.

The information gathered from this one install was invaluable, I estimate that the total install could be done in 30-35 minutes by one person, the 4 magnetic bins on the left as you look in the back of the van took 5 minutes to assemble and install.

We had achieved what we set out to do, quick and practical storage solutions, no need to lose the van for a day, we could rack it out with as little or much as you wanted, while you wait.

So, if you want van storage, contact us for a chat.

More pictures below


Testing 2

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